Vassar Temple SCRIP – Frequently Asked Questions 

What is SCRIP?

It’s really just another name for money. More specifically, SCRIP is money in the form of gift cards from stores you shop at all the time.

What kind of stores?

All kinds. Just to name a few, supermarkets (Stop and shop and Adams), gas (Exxon, Mobil) Sears, Amazon, restaurants, (Bonefish Grill, Outback), theaters. Over 500 Merchants to choose from!

Why should I buy SCRIP?

Well, it’s a great gift. No size or color issues and … you help the Temple at the same time without any additional cost to you. More about that later.

Where can I find out what other businesses I can get SCRIP for?

The complete list can be found here.

How do I obtain SCRIP?

SCRIP is sold at the Temple during business hours (9-3) M-F, Sunday during religious school hours (9-12), and at Temple meetings

What if I can’t get there during those hours?

Other arrangements can be made. Call Sandra Mamis, SCRIP coordinator, at 463-2678 or by email at

How do I pay for SCRIP?

A check made out to Vassar Temple (write the name of the store in the memo line) or cash is fine. Credit cards can be used for Adams and for some other stores as well (click here for details). Send your order to and send your payment to the Temple.

Are the cards available immediately?

It depends. Many of the cards will be ready for you in 48 hours (if mailed, sooner in person). Certain cards may be ordered on a monthly basis only; you will be informed of this at the time of purchase.

How does SCRIP help the Temple?

When you purchase a gift card at face value from the Temple, a percentage of the sale price comes back to the Temple as revenue. If you buy a SCRIP card from Adams for $100, it will cost you $100 and the Temple will receive $10 back.

Does SCRIP really make a difference?

Absolutely! Last year, the Temple realized $10,000 in revenue from SCRIP sales and this was from less than a fourth of the Temple membership participating while offering SCRIP to four local food stores. Imagine how much we can help the Temple if more of us bought SCRIP more regularly knowing that we can use it in more places!