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 Adult Education ~ 2012/13

I. Ongoing Classes

Shabbat Torah Study ~ 9 a.m. every Saturday.

Talmud: Modern Ideas from an Ancient Text ~ Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. Note new day and time.

Jewish Meditation ~ usually each first Tuesday beginning on and ).

II. Mini-Courses ~ These sessions will take place Thursdays at on the dates listed with each course.
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Tinderbox Triangle: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria ~ Vassar Temple’s ongoing series looking inside the history, culture and politics of Israel’s neighbors in the Middle East and North Africa.

October 4th ~ Jordan. Rabbi Paul Golomb, who has been to Jordan three times, including meetings with American diplomats and Jordanian officials.

October 11th ~ Lebanon. Dr. Mouannes Hojairi, Africana Studies Department at Vassar College.

October 18th ~ Syria. Martin Charwat, Foreign Affairs Council of the Hudson Valley.

What’s Next: Jewish Visions of Afterlife ~ with Rabbi Golomb

October 25th ~ Afterlife in Hebrew Scripture

November 1st ~ The World-to-Come of the Rabbis

November 8th ~ I Swear There Ain’t No Heaven, but I Pray There Ain’t No Hell: Judaism & Afterlife Today

Special Event

December 6th ~ The 2012 Elections: What Happened and What Now? with Dr. Sidney Plotkin, Vassar College

Modern Israel’s Greatest Poet: The Poems of Yehuda Amichai ~ with Rabbi Golomb. and 21st;

Special Event

April 4th ~ The Making of the Hebrew Language with Dr. Joel Hoffman

Religion & Power: Judaism, Christianity & Islam on the Individual and the State ~

April 25th ~ “Cross and Crown: Christianity’s Ambivalent Relationship to Power” with Geehan, pastor of the Reformed Church of Poughkeepsie, and Speers, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life at Vassar College

May 9th ~ “The Kingdom of Faith: Islam and Power” with Hojairi of the Africana Studies Deptment at Vassar College

May 23rd ~ “586, 70, 1948 and All That: Judaism and Power” with Rabbi Paul Golomb

Relevant Adult Education offerings will also be found on the website of Temple Beth El.

at 7:30 p.m.,October 2nd (except on April 16May 147:00 p.m.February 14thMarch 14thand 21st.Rev. E. RobertRev. SamDr. Mouannes