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Contributions to our funds can be made using the “Donate” button below,

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or may be mailed to:

Vasssar Temple
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Contributions to funds are fully tax deductible. Acknowledgment and notification will be made promptly to both the donor and person to be honored or family of the deceased in whose memory the donation is given. For further information or questions, call the Temple office at (845) 454-2570.

Click the name of any fund below to see a description of it.

  • The Hineni Fund provides ongoing support for Vassar Temple’s Seth A. Erlebacher Religious School and youth programs. The name Hineni – meaning “here I am” – reflects the devotion to Jewish youth and education of Temple President Seth Erlebacher (1965-2011) and his enduring legacy of service.

  • To honor the living and commemorate joyous events … (in the entrance hall of the Temple)

     Large Branch $1800.00

    Half of the proceeds from the Tree of Life will go directly into the Endowment Fund; the other half will go to support the ongoing programs and operations of Vassar Temple.

  • The names of departed loved ones are listed on bronze plaques in the Sanctuary. On each Yahrzeit and at every Memorial Service, a memorial light is kindled beside the plaque and the name is remembered from the pulpit. At the present time, the minimum donation for a Memorial Plaque is $500.

  • Contributions to this fund provide an additional source of revenue to the Temple. The fund is administered by the Board of Trustees and is to be used for operating expenses and appropriate non-capital projects. This fund is relied upon by a variety of Temple committees and directly benefits the entire congregation.

  • This fund is used for repairs, maintenance and improvements to the Temple. Each new Temple member unit is assessed a contribution to the Capital Fund, which is due in the first year of full membership, but which may be paid in up to five equal annual installments. As is the case with all financial obligations to Vassar Temple, alternative arrangements will be considered on a case-by- case basis. Additional contributions to this fund are welcome as we hope to avoid frequent general assessments for the upkeep of our facility.

  • Contributions to this fund may be in any amount to commemorate a happy occasion or in tribute to loved ones and friends. This fund is administered solely at the Rabbi’s discretion to provide additional professional materials or services and to make financial assistance available to individuals and causes deemed appropriate. Your donation may go to help a fellow Temple member in need.

  • Whatever the occasion, or simply for the joy of giving, a donation made toward the purchase of books, CDs, etc. for our Temple library builds on the strong Jewish tradition of learning. Donations are used for the purchase of new books and materials to be selected by our Rabbi and the Library Committee. A bookplate noting the name(s) of the donor and person honored or remembered is inserted in a book or other item for a minimum contribution of $15.

  • This fund supports Vassar Temple’s commitment to worthy organizations serving the needy in our community, particularly the Lunch Box program. In the event that insufficient food donations are made for a particular meal at the Lunch Box, money from this fund is used to offset expenses. 

  • The Groten Fund supports Social Action programming at Vassar Temple and generally offsets expenses of the Social Action Committee. Expenditures from this fund are recommended by the Social Action Committee and approved by the Temple Board.

  • Contributions are used to buy trees in Israel. A minimum donation of $18 is required. 

  • This fund was established in memory of Robert H. Lipshultz to perpetuate the values and ideals he espoused. His dedication to Jewish education and community service translates to an award every other year to enable a Vassar Temple college-age student to pursue a special project in Jewish Studies and to funding for special music programs. A committee to determine the award is made up of the Rabbi, the Educational Director and members of the Adult Education, Music and Youth Committees.

  • This fund honors the memory of Andrew Erdreich, an active member of the Youth Group who was also confirmed at Vassar Temple. Monies are used to benefit the children and young people of the congregation. Decisions about the specific use of the money will be made after consultations among the Rabbi, President, Treasurer and Director of Education.

  • This fund honoring the memory of Alexander D’Imperio sponsors supplementary educational experiences such as field trips and events of Jewish interest. The education of our Temple religious school students is enhanced by these special educational events.

  • The Grandmother’s Fund was established by Dr. and Mrs. Albert Rosenberg to support programs and projects affecting the youth and children of Vassar Temple. Programs supported in the past include field trips, Shabbatons, Youth or Junior Youth Group activities. The authorizing committee is comprised of the President of the Board of Trustees, President of Sisterhood, Rabbi, chairperson of the Religious School Committee, the chairperson of the Youth Committee, and up to two additional people. The President of the Board will convene a meeting periodically, at least once a year, to determine which programs will be funded.

  • This fund is used to purchase materials for the Religious School based on a list of needed books and materials compiled by the Religious School Director. Donors can designate a specific item on the list or make a general gift to the fund. When appropriate, these materials will indicate the name of the contributor and/or the occasion for which the donation was made.

  • This fund honoring the memory of Paul Fa’gut will be used to purchase educational materials such as books, CDs and DVDs for the benefit of the 6th and 7th grade students in our Religious school. The decision about the particular materials to be purchased each year will be made by the Director of Education.

  • This fund honors the memory of Richard Satz, who was a prominent member of Vassar Temple. Donations are utilized to provide instructional media equipment for the Vassar Temple Religious School.

  • The Music Fund was established to support the musical programming at Vassar Temple. Expenditures from the fund are recommended by the Music Committee and approved by the Temple Board. Music provides us all with a powerful bridge between our history and our future, and a special connection to the religious experience during services.

  • Our regular prayerbook is Mishkan T’filah, published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis in 2007. The generosity of Matthew and Muriel Lampell and Ralph and Marian Schwartz enabled Vassar Temple to acquire a full set of the new siddurim as soon as they were published. Their donation is recognized on a large bookplate facing the inside front cover of each book.

    If you wish to dedicate one or more copies in honor of a person or occasion, or in memory of a loved one, you may do so for $36 per copy for the upkeep of the new books and their replacement when necessary. Each dedication will be recognized on a bookplate on the inside front cover of the siddur.

  • Donations “in appreciation” or “in memory” are accepted for the general fund for Sisterhood and may be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, donations have been made to offset the costs of Tiny Temple. Sisterhood is also directly involved with the Andrea Rabin Scholarship Fund (scholarships for teens to attend the National Federal of Temple Youth conclaves). Money from this fund may also used for youth programming through the Youth Scholarship Fund (scholarships to attend summer camps with Jewish programming and also for programs in Israel.)

  • This fund will provide a revenue stream for religious, cultural, educational, social and other programming that will supplement Vassar Temple dues and fund raising activities. Gifts to the fund will be invested to generate income. A portion of that income will be used to enhance programming. The balance will be reinvested.

    The Endowment Fund is structured to receive lifetime and testamentary gifts from members of Vassar Temple and others. Gifts can be made in the form of cash, checks, stocks, bonds, real estate (both income and non-income producing), interests in family partnerships and life insurance policies, and may be paid over 3 years. A donor who makes a gift of $10,000 or more may designate the specific area to which the income generated by the gift shall be applied, and those funds shall be acknowledged in the donor’s name. Anonymous gifts are also welcome. The Board shall determine whether proposed gifts should be accepted. Under no circumstances shall the funds of the Endowment Fund be commingled with those of any other fund.