Vassar Temple Congregation Meeting

 7pm on Wed, June 10, 2015



If you have not seen the invitation letter for the Congregation meeting, click here to see it.


Temple Bylaws Update

At the Congregation Meeting we will hold the “First reading” of proposed updates to the Vassar Temple Bylaws (also known as “Constitution”).  The Bylaws update has been prepared by a committee led by Bob Abrams, and includes Marge Groten and David Lampell.  The updates relate mostly to changes to the size of the Board of Trustees, reflecting a smaller congregation size, and also include a significant set of updates as required by the New York State Nonprofit Revilitiation Act of 2013.  The updates were prepared by the committee, reviewed by an attorney (Jessica Glass of McCabe & Mack), reviewed several times by the Board, and approved by the Board of Trustees.

There will be a review period for the proposed bylaws updates between May 27 and June 8 during which temple members are encouraged to review the Bylaws updates.  Please send any feedback or questions to Bob Abrams,, or via hardcopy to the Temple office before June 8.

–>  Click here to get the actual updated Bylaws, which includes all changes and additions described in the summary that was sent to each member household.  This is the document being reviewed.

If you misplaced or didn’t receive the summary of Bylaws changes, click here to get a copy.

Proposed Budget

A copy of the proposed 2015-16 budget that will be presented for approval at the Congregation meeting was mailed to all member households.   If you misplaced your copy or would like to get another copy, click here to view the proposed budget summary.