Can Jam 2014

Summer Social Action Project:  PROTEIN PLENTY!!! 2014


At Vassar Temple, we care about hunger

This summer there may be disadvantaged people in our county who have no food for lunch.  Students may not be able to access free lunch programs when schools are closed. No one should go hungry. What can we do?  We can purchase protein foods to be distributed to people in need in our community.  


Anytime from July 1- 31, please send your check in any amount to Vassar Temple with “Protein Plenty” on the memo line.  100% of your donation will be turned into Stop & Shop scrip, which will be used to purchase cases of peanut butter, mac & cheese, tuna fish, and chili. 


These high-protein lunch foods will be donated to the Community Action Partnership for distribution through their food pantries located in Poughkeepsie, Dover, Beacon and Red Hook. Questions: Nancy Samson, Social Action Committee  or (845) 462-4828.