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Purchase SCRIP Online!

Thank you for purchasing SCRIP from Vassar Temple. Each purchase provides you with gift cards for the selected face value with the temple realizing a percentage of your purchase, ranging from 1.5% to 18% depending on the retailer or supermarket. Indicate your SCRIP card selections in the list below, along with your desired payment method. Click on the up-arrow in the “Number of Cards” column associated with store card you wish to purchase.

Store Percent to VT Card amount Number of cards Subtotal
Adams 10% $50 $0
Adams 10% $100 $0
Hannaford 5% $50 $0
Hannaford 5% $100 $0
ShopRite 5% $50 $0
ShopRite 5% $100 $0
Tops 5% $50 $0
Tops 5% $100 $0
Stop&Shop 5% $50 $0
Stop&Shop 5% $100 $0
Amazon 5% $50 $0
Amazon 5% $100 $0
Order Total —-> $0

Next, please select your payment method:
Pay by check when you receive your SCRIP order
Pay by credit card now. Please make a note of your Order Total in the last row of the table above.

If paying by credit card, enter your payment information in the next form. Please type “SCRIP” in the Donor Name entry area.

Thank you for supporting SCRIP!
If you have any questions, please contact the temple office at 845-454-2570 or send an email to: