July 4th Service


July 4th Summer Service to be followed by Ice Cream Oneg, Children’s Museum visit &

4th of July Fireworks!!


Join us for a FAMILY-FRIENDLY (i.e., shorter!) July 4th Service starting at 7:30 PM at the Temple. In lieu of an in-house oneg, we’re going to reconvene around 8:30 PM at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. For $5 per person (adult OR child), reserved ASAP (likely sold out after June 25th), you’ll be able to visit the museum until the fireworks start (around 9:30), participate in an Ice Cream Sundae oneg at a table at the Children’s Museum pavilion area, and then have a front-row seat for the Poughkeepsie July 4th Fireworks display.



1. Our service will include Yahrzeit reading/Mourner’s kaddish. Those attending the service are invited to pre-reserve for the oneg/Museum visit/fireworks viewing, but are NOT required to join us down by the river.

2.  The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum has room for exactly 55 cars in its fully-reserved lot that evening (the event is open to the public). The Museum and it’s parking lot are at 75 North Water Street. In case of inclement weather, we’ll still have the museum visit and oneg, even if the fireworks is postponed (pray for good weather!).

3. Unlike those viewing the fireworks from the Walkway over the Hudson, you can pretty much expect to be able to leave quickly after the fireworks are over. We will carpool from the Temple to assure full carloads (the Museum is charging by the carload).

4. ALL are welcome—families with young children or older kids, empty-nesters, and seniors. The museum is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you are a Museum member!

5. For information, contact Ron Rosen (454-4936 or rrosen@alum.mit.edu)